Need help with sending us your artwork? Check out these FAQ's that might help answer your own question.


What Is Bleed & What Size Should It Be?

Bleed is an area added to the edge of your artwork that includes any blocks of colour or background design which reaches the edge of the page.

We advise that all artwork submitted to us for printing does include a bleed.

We recommend that bleed is set at 3mm.

Bleed is required on artwork when images, colour or text reaches the edge of your page. To create a bleed, simply extend your image, colour or text 3mm over the edge of the page. Alternatively, you can use the bleed settings within your design software to add bleed automatically to your PDF. When creating a print-ready PDF, ensure the PDF is large enough to incorporate the bleed.

Should I Include Crop Marks On My Artwork?

Yes! Please always supply artwork with crop marks so we can check exactly where the job should be cut. Ensure your crop marks are offset at least 3mm from the edges of the job otherwise they may appear on the final printed job due to the tolerances involved in cutting.


What DPI Should My Canvas Be?

We recommend a canvas with 300dpi when creating your artwork for the best results, otherwise the artwork may appear pixelated when printed.


Can I Use RGB In My Artwork?

For printing, we require your artwork to be supplied in full CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key). If you create your design in RGB and submit it for printing, then we will automatically convert your artwork to CMYK and send it to print. During this conversion, sometimes the colours are not accurately converted and may result in an undesired print. RGB colours tend to be vibrant on screen, but when printed, the colours darken because you are adding a 4th colour element into the image. 


Can I Upload A Photograph For Printing?

Yes, we can print photographs on posters, banners and garment printing! Please bare in mind though, if the picture is dark or blurred, we cannot fix this for you, and will be printed as is. We recommend sending us the original photograph (i.e. not screenshots or saved from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc) in the highest quality possible through email to maintain the quality.


I Am Designing My Artwork Myself, What Should I Do and Use?

If you've decided to create your own logo or artwork, that's fine! We recommend using apps like InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, but if you don't have these apps, Canva is a great free tool that you can use.

A few things to keep in mind when creating your artwork:

  • Create your canvas at the correct size. Print files can rarely be scaled up (unless it's vectorized) so if you want your t-shirt print for your logo to be 30cm, make sure your canvas is set to 30cm. For banners, flyers, business cards and other printed items, remember to include your bleed here to ensure no important information is cut off. If you want your business cards to be 85 x 55mm, the canvas must be 91 x 61mm (this includes a 3mm bleed around the entire canvas).
  • Vignettes or gradient fills are best avoided – these are difficult to print and they have a tendency to show ‘banding’ and look unprofessional.
  • When saving the design, save as a PDF or PNG.