Ikonic Workwear offers a range of customised garment services including garment printing and embroidery. Simply choose a garment and tell us how you’d like to customise your workwear and we can both design and print it. If you have a design in mind, simply send it to us and we will print this on your choice of garment for you. Whether you’re looking for single garments or groups with multiple personalisation's, we’ll professionally provide you with the work wear you need.

Our embroidery and printing expertise and machinery will bring your logo to life on any garment of your choice. We have outlined below the different options of customisation available to you at Ikonic Print.

Embroidered Garments

If you want to go beyond printing and need something a little more robust, our premium embroidery services lets you add a logo, name, message or design onto any garment. By choosing embroidered garments, employers are often more able to give their employees strong professional branding and identity. This in turn, promotes the brand or company.

ikonic workwear embroidery machine

Printed Garments

If you are not looking for embroidery but still want a professional look for your workwear, printing is a fantastic option for many reasons. Due to its nature, printing is very durable and can be used for unique and complex designs. In addition, printing can be very cost-effective. There are different ways of printing workwear such as vinyl application, textile heat seal or transfer and many more.

t-shirt design garment printing style
Screen Printing

Screen printing is a versatile and affordable method for printing your design or logo on your chosen garment. It is a screen, which is used to apply directly to workwear garments for a quality and long-lasting feel.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is the best method for putting a design onto any fabric type. Any type of printing technique where the design is printed on to a non-textile surface before being transferred onto a garment is called transfer printing. This type of printing involves using a sheet of vinyl ,which is carefully cut into the specific shape of your workwear logo or design, the remaining design is then flipped and heat sealed onto the garment. Transfer printing is a great choice for less complex design with few colours. Furthermore, transfer printing is suitable for the majority of workwear garments (apart from fleece and wool) and high-vis garments.